Kudos Super 20 A 2016

Kudos Super 20 A 2016

An absolutely immaculate pair of the latest – spec Kudos Super 20’s in oak veneer.

One owner since November 2016 – shipment from Kudos was on 25/10/16. These are the current versions that can be used in active configuration. We have an entire very compatible active Linn system also listed.

The only minor issue is that one has been in more light than the other, particularly at the rear, so that the veneers are slightly different shades. In use, this will level out. The pictures are slightly misleading in terms of shade anyway, simply because our flood lights are slightly cooler in temperature than the down-lighters.

Boxed with unused grilles and full packaging, so good to ship.

12 month warranty applies, along with a substantial saving over the new cost of £4550.


£3200 + £30 UK mainland carriage – For overseas, please ask.

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