Audio Show East 2018 | Naim Audio

Naim Statement

2018 marks Signals’ 25th year in business. We’ve demonstrated Naim Statement at Trinity Park in the past, but this does not feel like the year we should give it a free pass. Despite it being crushingly heavy, we are building up the energy to have it there for our 2018 show.

The big news from Naim in 2018 is the new streamer range. Having announced the new architecture in the Uniti series, people have been waiting to see what comes to NDS, NDX and ND5XS.

The answer has arrived in the form of the ND555, NDX2 and ND5XS 2.  All are dramatic improvements over what has come before and all will be at Audio Show East.


Making a break with recent years, we will be partnering the high end Naim electronics with Dynaudio loudspeakers, their new Confidence range, in fact.


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