But this one is for us and it’s staying here, adding to our demonstration armoury.

Our brand spanking Audio Origami UniArm (think Naim Aro / Syrinx PU7 crossbreed) has been sitting patiently in its box for over a month awaiting a suitable opportunity. Finally, we have it mounted on a fairly modestly specced LP12 comprising current standard sub-chassis for Rega, Lingo PSU and the fairly new Linn Krystal cartridge.

There are two versions of the UniArm, the Rega-mount one being slightly longer and rated more highly by Johnny at Audio Origami. This, coincidently, gives us a good basis for that other rather lovely affordable unipivot, the Roksan Nima.

The UniArm has caught the eyes of folks who aspire to the late lamented Naim Aro. It is available with more advanced arm cable at a more advanced price but even the basic version that we have here is sounding very special. I had best be careful giving comparative judgements at this early stage but  … wow. This is serious. And fantastic value for money.

One thing that is very evident is that, whilst it’s decidedly weighty and extended in the bass, the overall presentation is energetic, composed, incredibly realistic and effortlessly musical. Mind you, it was hooked up to a rather splendid amplifier.

That old ‘fruit box’ don’t half sound good!