We’ve been musing and playing.

Realising that not just one make but one box systems seem to be taking over, we’ve gone a little ‘off piste’.

Here, we present a two box system that you might not have considered. It’s one that, particularly if you have PMC Twenty or Twenty5 series loudspeakers, is likely to delight you:

The £1050 Linn Sneaky (used as a line level source) and the £1600 Arcam A39 amplifier. Add, say, Linn Silver interconnects and the seemingly lowly but over-achieving £5/m LK 20 speaker cable and you have a system with rich tonality, excellent resolution, surprising spirit and dynamics, top notch functionality and a very agreeable price tag. More to the point, it plays music.

Sure the boxes don’t match visually. Truth be told, the Sneaky could be hidden out of sight altogether. This little box of tricks also brings Linn’s nifty space optimisation software to the party. Given how fine this combination can sound ‘flat’, it’s very hard to see anything other than a deeply positive outcome for the application of a subtle amount of software tweakery.

This is definitely a case of a combination that is far more than the sum of the parts and at a price that makes you question a few things too!

sneaky mixup



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