Big thanks to Andy Moore and Richard Trotter from Arcam. The former for doing the work and the latter for doing the talk at our recent Arcam Home Cinema and Dirac sound event.

In truth, this was not an overly busy affair, a hot sultry evening was possibly not the best pick. This meant quite high odds of winning the £399 rPlay prize that Arcam kindly donated.

Congratulations to Marilyn Butt pictured receiving her prize from yours truly. Look, it was a very warm day!

Our dedicated cinema room is now fully operational with a 7.1.4 (four Atmos speakers) system based around Arcam’s excellent AVR 850 receiver and P429 amplifier. The 4k Sony VPL-VW550ES projector is absolutely stunning and is giving exceptional results with our trusty Primare BluRay player as well as the Arcam UDP411. Speakers are 4 x PMC wafers side and rears, 4 x Focal Domes for Atmos and PMC Twenty5 for front, centre and sub-woofer.

Sony’s UBP-X1000ES 4k player should be with us in a few weeks and it certainly shows the worth of high quality 4k HDR content.

The sound quality that we are getting through the Arcam / PMC combo is extremely impressive and, in keeping with Arcam’s mantra of bringing movies and music to life, it does a magnificent job with music content too.

Watching Roger Waters ‘The Wall’ film in our new ‘grey room’ is rather a lot like being at a live event.