Audio Show East 2017 took place at Trinity park on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November. Judging by the online comments on Pink Fish and the Naim Forum, it was OK too!

We had a single raffle prize this year for any who registered in advance and also turned up. The prize was a years subscription to Qobuz Sublime worth £350 donated by Melco Audio. The winner had ticket 477. Congratulations to Robert Stannard.

St Elizabeth Hospice had a stall there, selling records with just an honesty box for the payments. £353 was raised, so many thanks for that. Beyond Theme One Records also selling vinyl, we had numerous manufacturers giving excellent demonstrations, even talks by the product designers. Rob Watts, designer of the Chord DACs made the trip from Wales to be with us for both days and we are deeply appreciative.

Paul Taylor, designer of SongKong music tagging software explained how metadata works and how it can be manipulated to improve the process of finding music on your network.

You can read our show guide here. And, yes, I have got our phone number wrong on page three.

A couple of customers took a few pictures. It looks quiet in them but the turnout was actually really good and a little higher than previous years.

Thanks to all who came, all the manufacturers and to customers Andrew, John and Mick for their assistance at set-up and dismantling.