The big move is virtually upon us. Having optimistically, and from a safe distance, picked May 4th 2017, for our launch at St Cecilia’s House, Trimley St Mary (on the High Road), the date is now looming large. Big changes – so little time!

Today, we are setting up for what could well be our last dems at the ‘old’ location. Over the next week or two, we are unravelling things and re-siting. St Mary’s park will remain the family home, it’s just the business that is moving on.

In the midst of the chaos we’ve had some significant new arrivals in the shape of the whole new range (of three) Melco server / players and Linn’s Katalyst equipped Klimax DS.

Linn Katalyst

Two of the three Melcos are already here and our KDS3 is running in as I write. Any good?  Erm, guess so. Truth be told, we have bigger and more urgent fish to fry. Plenty of kit will be almost as new to us as you when we launch.

As far as the move goes, this is probably more of a big deal for me, Alastair, than anyone else. Signals was never actually intended to be a hidden from sight work-from-home operation. Circumstances made it inevitable at the beginning and it worked so well in our original home that we moved to St Mary’s Park seventeen years ago with the full intention of integrating our living and working environments. The decision to keep a very low profile was mainly in deference to our neighbours. Not a lot of businesses actively choose to be ex-directory!

The task was to find a place that maintains the homeliness, adds far greater facilities and allows us to finally come out of hiding with an easily located address. Finding a strangely suitable building, built around the time that signals was started and dedicated to the patron saint of music felt, shall we say, symbiotic.

Hopefully, you will agree that the new place has the right ‘vibe’.

As of just two days ago, we tried a system in one of the newly created rooms. I think it’s going to be all right but we might get ribbed for our near obsession with wood block wall coverings. We had some left over – they had to go somewhere!

We still have a significant amount to do, though, so the decision has been made to have the transitional shut-down a little earlier than originally thought. We will still be be picking up calls via the existing number but will from 18th April be mainly ensconced in Trimley for our most important set-up ever.