Dynaudio Music is a new range of all-in-one systems. This ranges from Music 1, a rechargeable, very compact and fully portable device to the substantial Music 7.

Full details are on the relevant page is here.

Sound quality is surprisingly well controlled, dynamic and full range, even with the diminutive Music 1. The larger music 5 and 7 easily fill our large central ‘hall’ to decent levels. Currently, the Dynaudio ‘app’ is still in development, since they are running into the same third party integration woes that have dogged certain other brands networked systems. Features will include Tidal, Spotify, Airplay, bluetooth and local UPnP access.

Dynaudio Music 1

At this stage, even UPnP was ‘greyed’ out on the iPhone ‘app’, leaving Tidal as the only practical high quality option. Cleverly, though, you can use two units to make a stereo pair and this definitely works really well.

Given the fact that the product is effectively still in development, we declined the offer of a pair of them to play with. Sneakily, though, Bill from Dynaudio, left the basic Music 1 behind. Personally, I’m not all that keen on the sound of on-line streamed music and, today,we’ve discovered that the PlugPlayer app gives access to the networked music that we have here. Used in this way, the Music 1 is surprisingly good with excellent clarity and musical spirit allied to utterly logic-defying bass. We’ve even played 24/192 material wirelessly with no issue.

The device can manage it’s own performance so that, when you turn up the level, the bass output diminishes in proportion rather than simply crash the bump stops. Keep the levels sensible and it’s really quite marvellous.

Going up the range, the improbability index remains much the same, so generous levels of dynamics, headroom and bass extension are available despite modest sizes and prices.

Final product launch awaits the signing off of control and integration software but should not be too far off.

For some odd reason I keep recalling the movie . . . Groundhog Day 🙂