Exciting outing some way from Ipswich yesterday installing a new pair of active Naim Ovator 800 loudspeakers into a system comprising a mixture of existing and new electronics. It’s some system too: NAC 552, 2 x NAP 300, 1 x 500, Supercap, Snaxo, CD555, two Linn TTs , one very Linn the other rather more Naim, a Linn DS and a 40th anniversary Melco. Oh, and a NAT 01 and there’s this Revox open reel…

The main issue with 800s is their size and the fear that the customer will fail to appreciate what they are letting themselves in for. In this case the speakers that came out, and that now reside in the study, are Tannoy Westminsters. The 800s actually look moderately bijou by comparison.

All the same, they are bulky in the packaging and very heavy, so we needed help from Naim to get the new arrivals into the house, up the stairs etc. Thanks to Maurice, our very helpful sales manager and to Dan, who brought them direct from Salisbury in the van, for their sterling efforts.

Any fresh installation benefits from a complete strip down and re-build. With all this extra muscle to hand, would this be a case of ‘many hands making light work’ or ‘too many cooks?’  I think it was the former.

Shelves dusted, and levelled, balls polished, nuts tightened, anticipation was clearly at fever pitch(!) the system burst into life sounding even better than we dared hope. Our customers have a mighty fine and large airy room and this certainly helps.

Playing around with positioning brought some level of progress but a proper check-over once fully run-in and warmed through will be a good idea a few weeks hence.

Thank you to our very nice customers! Maurice really put in the hours too, greatly appreciated. Hope you get out of traction soon …

Astonishingly, we have another pair of Ovator 800s to deliver into an all 500 active system next week. Just as we start getting into our stride, Naim stop making them. Kind of sad, really.

Incidentally, there might be one last pair left if you suddenly feel tempted!