A very balanced review received from one of our customers:

With a couple of hours free yesterday I sat down and compared the Mojo and Hugo, using my iPad as a source and files stored from CD via iTunes ripped in WAV format at standard CD rates. Headphones B&W P5 (series 1).

If I had not had the Hugo I would have been very pleased with the Mojo, which offered a more expansive sound than just the iPad.

The Mojo falls, however, some way short of the Hugo. The overall increase in clarity and ‘weight’ of the music was most marked. It almost seems surprising that deep notes are produced so well by such stupidly small speakers.

The Mojo gains a lot of brownie points though for

Having fewer buttons
Having better controls
Being a more sensible size (for portable use)
Being black
Having feet at the corners rather than clustered in the centre
Being 75% of a Hugo for 30% of the price
Sharing the same charging arrangements as the iPad

In all very happy wth my purchase.


Nicholas Butt