Interesting and informative afternoon (going on evening) with Alan Ainslie from Melco and Tim Lawson from Kog Audio. Seems our reported issue with the limited UPnP capability of our Melco N1A server / player was down to a technical glitch that was cleared by a factory reset. Just goes to show that when it comes to explaining matters, actually seeing the issue makes all the difference.

With the opportunity to compare and contrast the N1A with the SSD (and better made, better power supplied) N1Z, it would have been rude not to try.


So that’s an N1Z on order. These devices do stuff! Further developments are planned too, so any buyers will get a product that has more to offer in the future. The £1600 N1A is available in both black and silver now with black coming to the N1Z in September. The super UPnP software is due in September too but it transpires that it is only an issue for people using Naim rips with other than Naim streamers.

Available now, is the direct downloads of HD content. A clever, vetted and secure way to buy proper HD material. This is turning into the hot and interesting summer!

Oh, and yes, that is our new Naim S1 on the left. Have I not mentioned it? 🙂