There was a slight hiccup with our order for our own demo Focal Kanta loudspeakers. We wanted the walnut with dark grey front panel, but this will take a while. Impatience won. We now have a nice shiny new pair to run in. And they’re black!

At our recent Audio Show East, the minimalist Naim Uniti Nova / Kanta system filled the massive 10m x 9.5m x very tall room with surprising ease. Just a big room system? Well, seemingly not. With the Kantas to be freed up, we put them straight into our smallest room. No, not the loo.

Results in the 3.6m x 4.9m ‘normal for Britain’ living room are a revelation. Bass is plentiful, certainly, but the actual quality and lack of boom is a genuine surprise. Good old Leonard Cohen and Boris Blank are good for run-in duties. A few days down the line and the Kantas are getting better and better.

The overall presentation has a warm friendliness coupled with slam, control, high resolution and very addictive timing and dynamics. The voice band is superb and bass lines have texture and a rhythmic ‘hook’. By virtue of the in-built suspension, very little energy is conveyed to the (wooden) floor.

Seems they are very efficient too. Hells teeth, this system goes loud! Even with ‘just’ this all in one.

Focal and Naim are continuing to develop products in conjunction with one another and this shines through. OK, they look a little different, but the quality is very high and several visitors have already taken to the visuals.

len nova kanta