Interesting time with Alan Ainslie from Melco Audio and Tim Lawson from Kog Audio. We had a listen to the new N1ZH (just like the solid state ‘Z’ server but with hard drives) and had a play with the new software that will be released as a download in the next week.

The new software release brings the ability to ‘rip’ discs straight into the Melco. Simply connect a USB3 CD drive and off you go. It’s not just operationally better but it sounds significantly better too. And all for free!

The N1ZH shares the more compact and solid ‘Z’ casework and more sophisticated power supplies. Predictably, sound quality sits somewhere between the N1A and the N1Z. With 6 tb storage it has a lot to offer.

We were fascinated to learn that far from Buffalo creating Melco as a sub-brand, Buffalo was developed, initially as a manufacturer of print buffers (clue was in the name), on the back of Melco. Every day is a school day.

Thanks, Tim for the photo … and for lunch.