Google ‘Naim DBL’ and the very first picture that comes up is of this very pair when they were being installed by Peter Swain from Cymbiosis around six years ago.

Due to the need to allow for some down-sizing, they are now for sale.

We spent yesterday afternoon carefully dissembling them and re-packing.

Physical condition is excellent. The only marks on them are the inevitable witness marks from where the spikes make contact on the underside of the tweeter / mid boxes. The drivers are A1 and the cabinets look lovely, in a ‘my word, these are serious’ kind of a way!

All packaging is present and correct (albeit for a different pair) and passive crossovers are supplied too. Serials are 149063 and, since they were originally used active, the crossovers are a few years younger.

As recommended, the gasket sealant was applied with fairly liquid smeared on, so the gaskets are in perfect condition. Fresh alloy pads would be logical, too and we can supply them.

The only negatives are:

  1. Despite still looking fine, the foam grilles are beginning to powder. As we understand it, after-market replacements are available.
  2. We cannot offer a full warranty because the mid range drivers are no longer available from Naim as spares.
  3. We are therefore selling them in good working order ‘as seen’ on behalf of customer with no ongoing warranty.

A full collection of photographs can be supplied on request. The second two pictures here were taken yesterday, the first two at the time of delivery. OK, the ‘thought bubble’ one was tweaked slightly 🙂

These have now been sold.


alltheparts dbllift


The room hasn’t changed a lot!