Finally, the full set of Naim Uniti products, Core, Atom, Nova and, last of all, Star are with us.

Todays delivery was of our demonstration Star, more are promised ‘soon’.

The tortured roll-out might frustrating but, even in the current climate, the product is cool, covetable and downright impressive enough to reinstate a belief that all can still be right with the world.

I say this even though there is an update due tomorrow that should get it to write music files to a USB drive. The quality, both sonic and in terms of build, the cleverness and the sheer desirability do a lot to make you tolerant of the odd glitch.

We have it hooked up to a pair of Neat Motive 2 XSs at the moment and it’s sounding just as it should: somewhere between Atom and Nova. IE really rather excellent. This, coupled with the extra features such as CD replay, ripping, storing and serving from a USB drive mean that this could be the sweet spot in the range for a lot of buyers.

And now you can come and try it out! Just one little issue; the supply situation for all Naim products looks like it’s going to be painfully tight.