With puns now strained to breaking point, we will simply say that this intriguing new amplifier, the PMC Cor, is now here. Delivered by hand this morning by our esteemed PMC sales manager, Tom Barron, it was enthusiastically connected to a Melco N1Zh Mk II server, Chord Dave DAC and a pair of PMC Twenty5 24 loudspeakers.

When we last heard the Cor at the PMC HQ, it was with twenty5 26 and Fact 12 loudspeakers. For the next week or two, we are between demo 26s, so cannot replicate the system we heard, hence the step down to 24s.  Either way, the familiarity of our own space is helping, because the results are even better than we expected.

Looks like the fact 8s and 12’s need to break free of the store cupboard!

We knew that the Cor was good but it’s always so difficult to judge absolute ability when the environment is unfamiliar. Judgements on home turf can be quite decisive, however, and this is a seriously fine piece of work. We’ve yet to feel the need to tweak the controversial tone controls.

It’s gutsy and open with plenty ‘pace rhythm and timing’ capability whilst it still does a very fine job of not actually seeming to impart a great deal of it’s own character. Pretty marvellous cold from the box too, so we are expecting more as it beds in.

As you can see, our early sample is silver. Black is an option that should be available soon and we expect most buyers will opt for this. Priced at £4995, this is, we feel, a proper upgrade for people already using some of the better mid-range integrated amplifiers. Ignore Cor at your peril.

Well done guys! More about Cor here.