OK, Andy doesn’t build ground-up new LP12s every day.  This one is rather interesting, though, being pitched at a relatively modest level – cartridge perhaps excepted.

Standard new style sub chassis, Hercules power supply, Roksan Nima tonearm with the “HD” cable and Lyra Delos cartridge. The Arm and cartridge are actually refugees from a previous deck but the arm is nevertheless almost new with the Delos being a little older.

We’ve just been listening though the ‘big’ system of Naim S1 / NAP 500 / and Kudos Titan T808s with Super Lumina overload and a Rega Aria phono stage.

Crumbs! Fast, tight and grippy in the bass, clean and airy at the top with all the bits in between sounding natural and engaging. Super spacious (read HUGE) soundstage too.

Yeah, it’s alright I guess … 🙂  We hope our customer will be pleased. Funny feeling we’ll know otherwise.