With roots in high performance mixing desks, in 1988, under the control of their founder, John Dawson, Arcam were the first to manufacture an off-board DAC to improve the quality of sound from CD players.

Their original wooden-sleeved A60 amplifier is considered a classic and still commands solid values on the used market.

Today, with their new Class G products, Arcam show that they remain creative, forward thinking and tech savvy, with convincing music replay right at the heart of their thinking.

Company founder, John Dawson, pictured above left, remains involved in the design process of Arcam.

MD Charlie Brennan, right, runs the business these days.

Bringing music and movies to life.


The arrival of the A19 in 2012 caught our ears. It’s a cracking  product at a very reasonable price and was at the vanguard of Arcam’s now fully refreshed two channel range. It has an excellent phono stage in-built too, something that seems to be becoming something of a trend.

Arcam’s roots, after all,  were always in two channel products, an area of the marketplace that they dominated for decades.

Recent developments in their higher end home theatre products have included power amplifiers utilising something called class G. Rave reviews have ensued and from proper audiophiles too.

This technology is now filtering into their new purist stereo amplifiers. It was with considerable joy, therefore, that we found ourselves utterly bowled over by the A49 integrated amplifier. We even had the honour of its UK launch being at our 2014 Audio Show East along with the C49 preamp and P49 poweramp.

The Arcam room at our 2014 (and 2015, come to that) show was a real success.  Partnered with high end PMC loudspeakers, a number of listeners found themselves completely reappraising the brand. It certainly brought some interesting ‘conquest’ sales!

The A49 has now been joined by the A39 and A29 amplifiers. Both well priced and both using the class G tech too.

They are all fitted with a very respectable MM phono stage and, whilst they each have their own character, all have excellent power reserves and a fresher, faster and rather more ‘open’ character than Arcams of old.

Think you know Arcam?  Have a fresh listen!

All are on demonstration, so feel free to book a session.

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