Magnepan’s full ribbon and quasi ribbon designs are called Magneplanars and there is a substantial range of models. The affectionate nickname within the hi-fi world is to call them Maggies and they have been around for years.

Sound quality is not unlike electrostatic designs, which is not all that surprising given that both involve a light, thin membrane and are open front and back. Placement is incredibly critical, as is the amplifiers ability to drive a 4 ohm load. Beyond that, the load is not reactive or difficult in any other way. Where electrostatics involve the signal going through a transformer, these ribbons are far more directly linked to the amplifier.

We’ve had a little experience with the MG 20.7 too.  Only incrementally larger than the 3.7, these nevertheless become substantial panel speakers that demand some serious room to work.

In 2015, a customer of ours, who has a suitable space, took the plunge. He is a very happy man!

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