Mr Levinson’s name may be on the badge but company ownership has been out of his hands since 1982. In 1984 it was purchased by Madrigal Audio Laboritories and the commitment was established “to make Mark Levinson products that were the best-sounding, longest-lasting, easiest-to-use audio/video components in the world”. “Under its CEO/founder Sandy Berlin, Madrigal Audio Laboratories offered great products from a fantastic design team,” said John Atkinson, editor-in-chief of Stereophile.

HARMAN International Industries purchased Madrigal Audio Laboratories in 1995. As company founder Sidney Harman said at that time, “Madrigal represents the jewel in the crown of HARMAN International,” and he subsequently implemented a hands-off management policy.

In 2003, the Madrigal facility was closed, and the Mark Levinson brand relocated to HARMAN’s Lexicon® facility (later becoming the HARMAN Specialty Group, with the Revel® speaker brand), where it continued to craft precision instruments capable of extracting every nuance and shading within a recording. Such precision was beautifully incorporated into the Nº53, the first-ever Reference Monaural Amplifier from Mark Levinson, as well as the four new product concepts revealed at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. As Philipp Krauspenhaar, president of Sun Audio in Munich, Germany, said, “These new Mark Levinson products – the Nº52 Reference Dual-Monaural Preamplifier, the Nº585 Integrated Amplifier, the Nº519 CD/SACD Disc Player and the Nº560 Digital Audio Processor – look very good, with outstanding specifications. They will help retain the momentum of the Mark Levinson brand.”

Pictured here is the new, and still forthcoming, № 519 Audio Player.

Product Highlights

  • Pure Path discrete, direct coupled, fully balanced, dual-monaural signal path
  • Plays up to 32-bit, 192kHz PCM, double-speed DSD, CD, and virtually all two-channel formats
  • Six high-resolution digital inputs: balanced, coaxial, optical, and USB asynchronous
  • Plays from networked drives and devices, streaming services, Bluetooth, and connected media
  • Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Rhapsody/Napster, QQ, internet radio, and podcasts built in*
  • Analog output volume control for direct connection to amplifiers or active loudspeakers
  • 32-bit Precision Link DAC with three selectable filters and seven power supplies
  • Class-A Main Drive Headphone output for up to 32-ohm headphones using main circuit
  • Designed and handcrafted in the USA

Already with us is the new №585 integrated amplifier. The fact that it’s at Signals at all is testament to its performance. We were not looking for another brand but simply could’t let this one pass.

In the UK, huge, powerful integrated amplifiers, other than Home theatre ones, seem like a strange idea but there is some logic, not to say some cost benefits, in a single chassis arrangement. Cost may seem like an odd justification for a near eleven grand stereo amplifier but, when you hear it against the two or three box alternatives at around that price level, it starts to make a lot of sense.

Just find a strong friend to move it!

The in-build DAC is excellent, so a very fine system can be created with simply a suitable music store (stand up Melco) connected via the USB. By all accounts the 519 CD / streamer brings huge benefits. We’ve certainly found Chord Electronics’ Hugo TT and Dave DACs to be very compatible.

Specifications? Here are some pertinent numbers:


Output Power: 200W RMS per channel @ 8 Ω, 20Hz – 20kHz


Analogue Audio Connectors: 3 pairs single-ended inputs (RCA); 1 pair balanced inputs (XLR); 1 pair single-ended line outputs (RCA); 1 pair loudspeaker outputs (“Hurricane” binding posts w/banana sockets that accept spade lugs with 1/4″ (6.3mm) spacing up to 1/8″ (3mm) thick)

Digital Audio Connectors: 1 balanced AES/EBU input (XLR); 2 coaxial S/PDIF inputs (RCA); 2 optical inputs (Tos-Link); 1 asynchronous USB input (USB-B)

Control Connectors: 1 RS-232 port (RJ-12 connector); 1 IR input (1/8″ phone jack); 1 programmable 12V DC trigger output (1/8″ phone jack), 100mA maximum; 1 programmable 12 DC trigger input (1/8″ phone jack); 1 Ethernet port (RJ-45 connector)

Power Consumption: Maximum 1000W

Unit Dimensions (H x W x D): 6.9″ (175mm) – without feet; 7.59″ (193mm) – with feet x 17.25″ (438mm) x 19.95″ (507mm)

Packaging Dimensions (H x W x D): 19″ (483mm) x 26″ (660mm) x 26″ (660mm)

Weight: 72 lb (32.6kg) – net; 96 lb (43.4kg) – with packaging

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