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Club Orpheus is a network of around 30 handpicked high-end audio dealers in the UK and Ireland that offers a range of exclusive benefits to their customers.

The name Club Orpheus is derived from the world’s most expensive headphones developed by Sennheiser in the early 1990s, when Sennheiser set out on a mission to design the best headphones ever, irrespective of time taken and overall cost. They created the Orpheus, which became a legend. Only 300 systems were ever made and quickly sold to music lovers all around the world.

In recognition of this ground-breaking success, Sennheiser established Club Orpheus in the UK in 2012 to ensure their high-end range could only be sold through approved dealers able to offer their customers a personal demonstration and listening experience worthy of Sennheiser’s ambitions.

And what is this amazing item lurking beneath? It’s effectively Orpheus II, the HE1.

Here follows Sennheiser’s own description of this new ultra high end system:

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