Hi all, I guess that’s taken any semblance of suspense out of the posting 🙂

The new IR DAC II is indeed a proper step forward from the giant killing original.  Yes, the world of DACs has moved forward over the past few years but, not for the first time, Arcam are proving to be well up to the challenge.  The IR DAC II ticks the boxes for facilities and compatibility but, even more importantly, it actually sounds the business. Very sophisticated indeed with control, scale, extension, flow and effortless clarity combined with punch and vitality.  At the price point, and some way above, this will be ‘no brainer’ territory.

We received a couple of samples a few weeks ago but the proper supply only arrived today, hence the posting. On dem, well worth hearing. It could even be worth twisting our arm for some sort of package deal with one of the Melco N1 units with which it is completely compatible.

Available in our shop with free next day deliver here. Or, of course, you can come along for a proper demonstration.