Focal Elear & Utopia


Focal Elear & Utopia.

A visit yesterday from Mark Raggett of Naim / Focal brought an opportunity to listen to the new, already highly regarded, Focal Elear and Utopia ‘phones.

Early samples have already had rave reviews and caused quite a stir at the recent CanJam event. Proper supplies are due in a few weeks and we have pitched in with orders for both. Pricing is £800 for Elear and £3250 for the Utopia, so these are hardly budget devices. Fed from a Chord Dave / Melco N1Zs combo, the Elears felt like a serious upgrade on some well known £1200 ‘phones.

The Utopias moved the game along significantly from there.

Popping these on your head feels like you are entering a fresh listening environment with a tangible sense of space and placement. Resolution and musicality is top notch too. The ‘world’s  best headphone’ link at the end of this post conveys their strengths quite effectively.

We can’t wait to have these available to demonstrate and, who knows, perhaps even sell! If you would like to place a deposit to secure one of the first batch, why give us a call.


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