Happy to report arrival of the new Linn 530 Exakt (fully active) speakers, a three way design with Isobarik bass.

“Keep dry” says the box. Pity they rolled up in monsoon conditions!

Now unpacked, unwrapped, zipped into their form-fitting genuine Harris Tweed jackets and running in. I have to say that we just might be liking these. Thunderous in the bass decently clean, open and dynamic, there is no sense of style over substance.Full adjustment after run-in will be interesting.

With a wide range of fabric, oops, Fabrik options, they can retire into the background or make a dramatic (dramatik?) visual statement as you wish.

As well as the 530s, we have the slightly smaller 520s due and a collection of other Exakt-related Linn electronics just in. It’s something of a Linnflux.

Ready when you are!