OK, it has taken us longer than planned. Making the mistake of lending out one of our three Klimax twin power amps didn’t exactly help and, well, stuff keeps happening.  Anyway, under the helpful and watchful eye of Graham from Linn we finally got our Linn Klimax system hooked up properly to the Titans.

The relevance of careful set-up was extremely evident. Yesterday evening, the system was roughly set-up. Room dimensions etc were pretty good but this morning, when doing the job properly, it became evident that we’d moved the sofa since measuring up. That, together with a greater understanding of the right kind of fettling, led to the difference between despair and delight.

I must say that the results are very good indeed. Sure enough, it’s different from the (passive) Naim sound but extremely appealing on its own terms. Time is needed to fully absorb, but this combination is definitely a very fine thing!

Graham’s guidance was extremely constructive. This is an area of expertise that we need / needed to develop but it’s worth the effort.

Better late than never!