What used to happen in April has moved to January.  This years price revision has already been partially released, with the Uniti price rises being announced some weeks ago. These therefore remain unchanged.

We had the opportunity then to order in advance of this, hence our news  here.

Any orders for any other products placed before the end of December will be at the 2017 prices.

Both new and old price lists, there are now two lists for 2018, are in the downloads page.

I hope that Head of Sales, Alan Burns, won’t mind me quoting from his email:

“Whilst Naim are focused on maintaining a competitive edge, market conditions are such that the pricing of our core product range will increase by an average of 4%. We truly believe that any increases asserted in this change reflect the value of our state-of-the-art product range.

As you will be aware, due to a combination of unprecedented demand and delays in development on new Uniti products, there has been a negative impact on production capacity for Made in Salisbury products. This is despite significant investment in additional build-cells, extra staff and longer working hours to deliver record-breaking productivity. In order to reduce extraordinary lead-times, Naim are ring-fencing an increasing number of units across the core product range to provide for demand in the UK.

As highlighted in my previous email regarding Uniti price increases, the UK manufacturing industry faces significant challenges. The uncertainty surrounding BREXIT continues to prescribe a weak and unstable Sterling against both Dollar and Euro, which has ultimately increased our cost base given the significant value of parts procured in both currencies.

We completely recognise that implementing cost price changes is always a challenge; however the Naim brand has never been stronger in the market. Our new products are achieving critical acclaim and setting a global standard in high end audio. We strongly believe that with the support of our business partners, the Naim brand will continue to satisfy more and more customers with the unique experiences our products offer.”