Naim Uniti Pricing

“With so many uncertainties facing global markets and the impact on currencies, our costs have increased substantially in 2017. Whilst we continually aim to reduce these costs where possible, the current climate has had an impact on our new Uniti range cost to manufacture. We have absorbed all of this impact during 2017, but looking forward we must now pass some of this to the end customer and release updated pricing.”

Please note that, from 2nd October 2017, Uniti prices are as follows:


Casting UK inc. VAT
Uniti Atom               £1,999.00
Uniti Atom HDMI               £2,149.00
Uniti Star               £3,499.00
Uniti Star DAB*               £3,649.00
Uniti Nova               £4,199.00
Uniti Nova DAB*               £4,349.00
Uniti Core               £1,899.00

*not available yet

In addition to some unit Atom, Core, Nova and Star that are already in stock, we have more that have been ordered at 2017 prices but that will not ship to us until January 2018.

Any fresh orders are at 2018 prices.