Information received from Naim yesterday evening regarding new Naim Uniti pricing:

Like many UK manufacturers at present, Naim has been hit hard by the 17% drop in the Pound against the $ and Euro following the referendum to decide if we remain or leave the EU. The resultant impact to our parts costs has become unsustainable and although we have made every effort to absorb the impact of fluctuations in currency, we are no longer in a position to do so on the new Uniti range due to the high component parts sourced from suppliers who invoice in $ or €. 

Consequently, we plan to increase the recommended retail price on our Uniti range to those listed below on 1st January 2017. We believe these prices remain very competitive against the existing Uniti range considering the huge feature set and industry leading sound achieved.

The gist is that, for customers who are willing to commit before the end of December 2016, the entire range will be just a little cheaper than for those who wait until after beginning of 2017.


From January 2017:

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 12.01.46

We should at least have demo samples of Core and Atom before the new year but Star and Nova are not even due until the new prices are in force.

If you are willing to commit, you can save. If not, we fully understand! For sure, demand will exceed supply and there will be delays, so those pitching in early will get the double whammy of being further up a queue and making a modest saving.  A 10% deposit would secure.


Posted 20th October 2016