We seem to have an awful lot of stuff to run-in at the moment. This morning’s arrival is a pair (yup there is another one, thank goodness) of these eagerly anticipated £4k in shiny, shiny black transducers. Wooden finishes will be available a little later on at a slightly lower price too.

With our new Kudos Titans still bedding-in in the bigger room, the decidedly chunky Focal Sopra No 2′s barely ready and a fresh pair of Sopra No 1s still being acclimatised (first customer simply kept our dem ones because they’d had some playing-in), it’s difficult to actually dem anything!

Difficult. But not impossible. Oh yes, there is always a way.

Anyway, the Red 150s are in our smaller room on the end of an almost new Naim SuperNait and NDX combo. Astonishing?

Kinda. The opening few tracks sounded pretty awful, in truth, but something deeply positive is happening already. I’ve heard them before and remember giant killers. So, no pressure then.

Already, I should say that they are doing something that makes me want to sit down and just listen.

Evening update:

Readying some combinations for a dem first thing in the morning, the 150s are now spending the night on the end of a NAC272 / NAP200 combo. Pulled further into the room and with a little more toe-in, the results are beguiling 🙂 Oh yes, these are definitely what was expected. Even with Russell’s least acceptable cables, NAC-A5, in use, they are sounding very natural with tremendous unforced resolution, air, space and very extended bass.

But voices are the thing … actually, come to think of it, percussion is a bit special too.