Sometimes a product seems just a bit too good to be true. Certainly too good for the price. For a while, this has been the USP for another low cost loudspeaker brand that we stock and it seems that apparent newcomer, Fyne Audio have figured out the formula.

Fine Audio’s £249 F301 stand-mounts arrived the other day. They’re excellent and stupidly good for the price etc etc. All the same, opening todays arrival, the F301 was still a revelation.

£399 might not buy you a lot of much but it buys one hell of a loudspeaker!

Top to bottom they are almost impossible to criticise. Bass is clean, tight and extended, midrange uncoloured, open and extremely well resolved, treble refined and very detailed. Yup, for £399. With a bit of luck the wood print might offend someone!

We will now tuck them out of sight so that we can sell something more, erm,’serious’ 🙂

Fyne Audio 302