Anthem MRX520

Anthem MRX520

Claimed, with some justification, to be the ‘best A/V Receivers on the market’, Anthem receivers have impressed us over the years.

Currently we have the MRX520 on demonstration.

The new range comprises MRX520, 720 and 1120.

Across the board, the processor aspect of the receivers are of similar quality, the number of channels,better power amplifiers and power supplies give the model differentiation. All have line outputs, so using more sophisticated power amps or, indeed, the front channel of an existing Hi-Fi system is easy to accommodate.

The 520 is a 5.2 channel receiver

The 720 is an eleven channel processor with 7 power amp channels on board

The 1120 is an eleven channel processor with 11 power amp channels on board

Have a peek here.

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