Nottingham Dais

Nottingham Dais

The Dais is a little different in structure from the Spacedeck and Hyperspace (or Ace Spece with Heavy Kit) and it includes a version (quite specific to the Dais) of the Wave Mechanic power supply. Thankfully the sound, or more accurately, its lack of sound is recognisably from the same stable.

Tom claimed that this one did the Spacedeck to Hyperspace upgrade all over again. We were sceptical. And we were wrong.

It only takes a few seconds of listening to notice the increased scale, further lowering of the noise floor, increased focus and an increased resolution of perspectives in all directions, including height. It offers a weightier bass yet a lighter, more agile handling of it. It controls the raucous yet allows it to fly.

Resolution is up, tonal colour even more vibrant. Music is even easier to follow and even more compelling. It makes you feel good. You might even consider prancing around the room. Not that grown-ups do this, of course.

Again, Mr Fletcher was right to avoid talking about the fluid, beguiling mid, the extended bass, or the crystalline, natural treble. The overall coherence, honesty and infectious musicality is the real story. NVA used to have the by line “clearly hear more”. Nottingham Analogue should nick it. Who could argue?

Negatives? Chuffing heavy, not cheap. Unfortunately, once tried, it actually sounds like a bargain!

Priced at £5140, the Dais is in stock for audition here and can be available for home demonstration too.

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