Innuos Zen MkII

Innuos Zen MkII

The Innuos Zen Mk.II is not just larger than the Mini, it is better too.  One of the fundamental differences is that it is designed to minimise power noise. We’ve heard the benefits that come from these types of hardware changes on other devices, so know this to be perfectly rational.

It offers:

  • Linear power supply with ultra-low noise regulators and high-end capacitors.
  • Ultra-low noise USB output, with up to 10Xs less power noise than typical USB outputs.
  • Dedicated isolated Ethernet port with optimised settings to produce less noise during packet communications, improving sound quality for streamers compared to a direct router connection.
  • Medical grade mains filter

Its Quad-core Intel CPU and 4GB RAM based architecture enables fast performance with large libraries and the ability to play from memory, which substantially improves sound quality.

We took care of every detail and the Chameleon LED is a proof of that. You can choose your Zen’s LED colour to match your existing system components or you can even turn it off when listening to music.

As your passion for music grows you might want to upgrade your hi-fi system. The Zen Mk.II is fully prepared for that as it is factory upgradable to a Zenith, allowing you to take your music to new heights.


Innuos Zen MkII Std 2Tb £1499

Innuos Zen MkII XL 4Tb £1799

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