Kiseki Blue NS

Kiseki Blue NS

Mounted on an Ace Anna Arm in our Nottingham Dais, connected through the Trilogy 907 to the Naim 552 / 500 system, the Kiseki Blue NS didn’t take long to impress us. It’s not cheap but it introduced us to a level of performance that makes the price seem downright modest.

The resolution of harmonics, air, space, and the surprising lack or surface voice all conspire to give a devastatingly tangible live performance. Odd twangs that we are used to being in the background became real live players strumming away stage left just behind the  . . . get the picture? As with all well balanced products, it’s unfair to pick out individual aspects for praise.

Subsequent trials in on the Sondek have done nothing to dampen our enthusiasm. We believe the Blue NS to be something special.

Anyway, we have the Kiseki Blue NS here, there is a higher end offering due soonish and we cannot sell it mail order. Quite right too. Products like this need to be heard.

Kiseki Blue NS £1695

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