Linn Klimax ‘KDS3’ Katalyst streamer

Linn Klimax ‘KDS3’ Katalyst streamer

Our demonstration Linn KDS3 with the new Katalyst DAC. Condition is immaculate and the plastic film is still on the display.

A superb music streamer that can be used in our out of a Linn system. With the new Urika 2, via Exakt, you can even integrate the turntable into the system at an astonishingly high level of quality.  As we discovered recently, it is a magnificent partner for ATC active speakers too.

Unit dates to April 2017 and carries the balance of the five years warranty. Serial number 1436862. Boxed with unused handset interconnect, mains lead etc.

New price £15800

£9735 + £15 carriage

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