Magneplanar MG 1.7i at Signals

Magneplanar MG 1.7i at Signals

Next level up to the .7 comes the MG 1.7i, now in ‘i’ specification.

Taller, proportionally slimmer and quite a lot heavier than the .7, the 1.7i is cleaner and bigger – sounding too. Well worth the extra expense over the .7.

They take some considerable running-in but, once there, are very interesting too. The current price (2015) is £2690. It’s quite a substantial step up from the old 1.7 too, by the way.

These are hard products to quantify. Serious bass slam and extension is not on the agenda but what you do get never sounds lightweight or muddled. Rather, it is large in scale, lucid and astonishingly ‘out there’. At our 2015 Audio Show East several people were bowled over by just how engaging they were.

And they are addictive. They unravel things, managing to be dynamic even at modest listening levels. Indeed, they are unusually good at low to modest levels. Most significantly, they focus on the musical content. People sing, play stuff and generally perform in front of you.

Predictably, they suit some amplifiers better than others but the Naim NAP 250 and 300 can achive great things and the 4 ohm impedence does not seem to be the big deal that many have anticipated. Indeed a recent visitor who heard them on the end of NDS / 552 / 300 declared these to be the best speakers we have ever had. He also kept looking around the room for the sub-woofer. . . .

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