Melco N1A-1 4 Tb Music Server

Melco N1A-1 4 Tb Music Server

Hand-crafted in Japan, Melco N1A with 4TB internal storage.
Simple USB Backup and Expansion.
Dual Ethernet Ports – DSM direct to Player Connection and LAN.
Improved USB connection to external DAC.


  • Light pipe isolated Gigabit Ethernet ports to eliminate interference.
  • Illumination can be disabled.
  • Specialised high performance TDK magnetics for precise network communications impedance matching
  • Ultra-low jitter system clock for outstanding audio quality
  • 60W low noise power supply
  • Specialised low noise low vibration audio HDD on anti-vibration mounts.
Model: N1A (silver) N1ABK (black)
Network Connectivity: LAN Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
Player /DSM Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
USB Connectivity: Backup USB 3.0 Rear Panel
Expansion USB 3.0 Rear Pane
lUSB 3.0 (DAC port) USB 3.0 Rear Panel
Front Panel USB (DAC or Import)
USB 2.0 Front Panel
Power Supply: Multi voltage 117V – 230V Nominal
3 wire IEC withground
60W PSU for LAN and SSD & USB Related devices
Internal System regulator
Music Storage: 2 x 2TB
Configure as Spanned (4TB) or RAID
Local USB – DAC Player Control: UPnP Control Point Type 0 or Type 1 supported
Size: 436 x 70 x 352 mm (17.2 x 2.8 x 13.9 inches)
Weight: 7kg (15.5lb)



The N1A is a high quality music server / renderer (see the schematic below) that is also a very accomplished UPNP music server.

The ‘player’ ethernet socket connects to a network player such as those made by Naim and Linn and brings positive gains even if you are simply accessing existing music on the local network or via internet download. Music stored on the N1A benefits further from the audio grade data handling within the unit.

Available in black or silver.

Melco N1A black £1450*

*Old model whilst stocks last

Melco N1A silver £1450


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