MusicWorks Reflex Lite mains block

MusicWorks Reflex Lite mains block

Basically,the MusicWorks Reflex Lite enables mains cables to give their best.

Whether they be MusicWorks own, Naim Powerlines or Chord Co mains leads, the Reflex Lite is likely to surprise you with how much better sounding it is than even a very high quality conventional block.

Why? Certainly, the Crabtree sockets are good, the acrylic structure is relevant and the quality of the wiring matters but, in truth, it is very hard to explain the outcome.

“Star earth, balanced supply power distribution block constructed to minimise the effects of microphony. Our best selling power distribution block, the ReFlex ‘Lite’ provides a cost effective approach to accessing the coherence that a MusicWorks mains block brings to a system. This 6 way block features acrylic sandwich construction, star earthing and the same mains sockets that are used on the full ReFlex Ultra.”

MusicWorks Reflex Lite £549 delivered

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