MusicWorks Reflex Ultra G3 mains block

MusicWorks Reflex Ultra G3 mains block

The ultimate expression of what we know about power distribution. The Reflex Ultra G3 is a totally re-engineered version of the ReFlex Plus power distribution block. Driven by MusicWorks’ understanding of what contributes noise to audio (and a/v) systems, as well as re-engineering the critical ‘star earth’, the contribution brought by this block needs to be experienced first hand.

We’ve just had our first play with it and, in the knowledge that run-in will make substantial improvements, it is a substantially better block than the outgoing Reflex Ultra, a block that itself made substantial improvements over the ‘Lite’.

More musical, far more realistic and just plain more addictive.

What have we done? Well you can clearly see the new chassis sockets that we are using for the new G3 block, these constitute the biggest change and in-fact provide the largest performance improvement over the G3’s predecessor, but that is not all! You will notice that we include a set of support spikes for the purpose of raising the block off the floor (made out of PEEK) to further improve the isolation from mechanical energy interference within the listening environment, finally we have re-vamped the internal wiring – hence the need to follow the new block plugging – in layout mentioned above. With still more minor improvements included with the new G3 block it can and will be judged as the next step up for a superior mains distribution block that still follows a route of no mains filters/mains reconstruction and is still thankfully connected directly to the 240V juice!

“We added the £600 MusicWorks ReFlex 6-way mains block, leaving everything else alone,and went back to the music. Tighter, more tuneful bass and better timing gave an improved sense of musical flow, but it wasn’t just the bottom end that improved; there was more feeling of life, a suggestion of vibrancy missing from the vanilla setup. Nina Simone was perkier, the Tord Gustavsen Trio had more tension and a sense of poise that had been absent previously. Nor were we micro-analysing these effects. If you can appreciate the benefits of hifi separates at all, you’d easily hear this.” – Courtesy Hi Fi Plus issue 63

The block provides an outlet for up to 6 pieces of equipment.  All wiring and sockets are carefully chosen and then cryogenically treated.

To allow optimal choice of power lead for the application, the block is equipped with an IEC socket.

MusicWorks Reflex Ultra G3 block £990

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