Naim NAP 200 DR at Signals

Naim NAP 200 DR at Signals

The NAP 200 is the natural partner to the NAC 202. It is also is the highest level Naim power amp to have a power feed for the pre-amp. From the 250 onwards you will need a separate power supply for the pre-amp. 

Viewed as a combination with the 202 pre, this gives a very compelling amplifier which can be upgraded as demands and funds allow. The rated output of 70 W per channel should be disregarded. It sounds like a whole lot more. The overall coherence from bass to treble is impressive, as is the bass control and resolution. With Naim amps you can hear what the bass is, be it electric, acoustic or percussive. The natural sense of timing makes music flow in a most addictive way. 

The recent DR (Discrete Regulator) version of the NAP 200 has an improved power supply (with DR) for the preamp. The actual power amplifier is unchanged over the previous version so, if, say, you have a HiCap already, there is now point worrying about upgrading. Better to look to the 250 DR for that!

Despite the modest rated power, speaker matching seems to be pretty easy with masses of good results from Neats, ATC, Kudos, Harbeth, PMC, B+W’s, Focal and more . . bring them on! 

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