Naim NAP 250 DR at Signals

Naim NAP 250 DR at Signals

NAP 250 DR is a natural partner for the NAC 282 and, now, the NAC-N 272. At this point, you will need a separate power supply for the pre-amp. Benefits over the NAP 200 are tighter control, slam, resolution, sheer exuberance. After all, it does have an extra 15 watts at its disposal! Yet again, Naims rated output (this time it’s 85 Watts) sounds like a printing error.

Historically, the NAP 250 was a little less easy going in the speaker matching department than the 200 below and 300 above. Since the arrival of the 250 DR, this foible has yet to reveal itself, but the arrival of the NAC-N272 has rather turned the old rules on their head anyway and we have tended to be assembling completely different systems than this of, say, a decade ago. 

Get it right, and it is very much the right stuff, set alight by the terrific 282 preamp or, of course, 272. 

We are here to help get the match right!

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