Naim NDS at Signals

Naim NDS at Signals

The NDS is the current top-of-the-tree streamer. Just like the CDS3 CD player that it replaces, in spirit, at least, it requires a power supply to function. 

The minimum level is the XPS and, powered in this way, it steps ahead of the NDX in ability, even if the NDX has an additional power supply and a DAC with a NA PS 555 on it.

The NDS is very good!

There is the option to use both power feeds from the NA PS 555 and can be purchased with or without the twin burndy leads that would be required for the 555 supply. 

Operationally is is more or less the same as the NDX, although the iPod replay option via the USB socket is deleted for sound quality reasons and there is no option to fit the (largely pointless) FM / DAB board. 

If you really want to go for broke, it can use two 555 supplies to great effect. 

It has a wifi aerial but this really is for emergency use only!!

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