Naim NDX at Signals

Naim NDX at Signals

A little cheaper than the CDX2-2, the NDX is the streamer alternative to the CD player. Overall, we think it has the edge, sounding more even-handed, less hard-eged and slightly more ‘together’ than the comparitive CD spinner. But then it does need a local network and a good UPnP server sending out the music files for it to deliver the goods.

Extremely receptive to power supply upgrades (XP5XS, XPS or 555PS are the options and even more receptive to the DAC upgrade than either of the CD players too. On the subject of DACs, the NDX has a couple of digital inputs

The NDX can be controlled via the naim application on the Apple or Android devices and has the ability to output control code to Naim (or other RC5 coded) preamplifiers, tuner and CD players to give sophisticated system control.

In addition to local streaming, there is in-built internet radio and the option of internal DAB and FM tuners.

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