Nottingham Heavy Kit for Spacedeck

Nottingham Heavy Kit for Spacedeck

We have had more questions about this than just about anything else. The heavy kit allows the Spacedeck to be upgraded. It comprises a graphite platter, spindle extender and a large spacer to bring the arm board up to the newly required operating height. It is easy to fit and just a little reminiscent of leggo. On the face of it, it’s a cheap route to a Hyperspace.

What does it sound like? With the standard Spacedeck, all rather predictable, I’m afraid! A significant step forward in clarity, scale dynamics and bass grip. Just a shade ‘cooler’ tonally but overall a very worthwhile improvement.

Switch immediately to the Hyperspace proper, though, and you realise that this is actually just a halfway house. The bearing and heavier duty construction of the Hyperspace are there for very good reasons and give it greater warmth, refinement and ‘ease’.

The new “Ace” Spacedeck is far closer to the Hyperspace in structure and bearing and the heavy kit brings it excruciatingly close to Hyperspace ability.

The next big question is which of the two (wave mechanic or heavy kit) represent better buys. There is no simple answer since they work in different areas and are hardly mutually exclusive. It’s like choosing between water or air.

The heavy kit is cheaper and, in a way, more obvious. The Wave Mechanic’s gains are more subtle but probably more significant in the long term. Ultimately, if the upgrade bug bites, you will want both!

As ever, we are happy to demonstrate.

Nottingham Heavy Kit for Spacedeck £550

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