Oppo HA-2 SE

Oppo HA-2 SE

Oppo HA-2SE is an elegant yet sophisticated portable headphone amplifier with built-in rechargeable battery. It is engineered to enhance music playback from mobile phones and portable music players. Its genuine leather casing with contrast stitching and bevelled aluminium edges are eye-catching. And it is conveniently used to charge mobile devices on-the-go and itself can be efficiently charged in 30 minutes.

“the OPPO HA-2 is the smart choice for those seeking a polished-sounding and gutsy performer that’s keenly priced.”- EUROPEAN USB DAC/HEADPHONE

“… OPPO’s new rechargeable portable DAC/headphone amp is perfect for music on the move”- Nick Tate, HiFi Choice May 2015

Price: £229

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