Oppo PM1

Oppo PM1

Oppo PM-1

Planar Magnetic Headphones

Unique Sound Signature Meets Premium Luxury Design

Natural, dynamic, and engaging sound quality with plush padding and reduced weight for exceptional comfort.

Price: £999 while stocks last

Premium Luxury

Made with luxury lambskin leather, easily replaceable components and premium accessories.   Learn more about Design

Larger than Life Sound

The OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic headphone offers a different way of thinking about planar magnetic technology. PM-1 is a work of art, combining advanced technology, unique musicality, premium luxury design, resulting in a listening experience that is capable of communicating every nuance of your favourite music.

Hear the Smallest Detail

Many years of research led by a team comprised of passionate audio and acoustics engineers, chemical and materials scientists, and audiophiles,PM-1 delivers a number of technological breakthroughs that makes it possible to hear the smallest detail.● Learn more about Sound Technology


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