PMC fact 12

PMC fact 12

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the smaller fact 8, the fact 12 was (late) summer 2013’s big arrival.

So, just like the eight but a little bigger? Yes. . . and no.

There is some sonic familiarity, sure enough. The same light, fresh and very natural openness carries over. Again, the bass performance surprises. But it’s now ludicrously extended as well as impressively agile. 

The first and, for us, most significant area where they differ is in how they relate to our beloved 500 level Naim electronics. In a situation where the eight can be just a little too dry, the twelves are happy as the proverbial in the inevitable. Secondly, by virtue of the dedicated midrange dome driver, the mid-band clarity, even when the going is decidedly rough, takes a big step forward. 

PMC fact 12 is well matched to Linn Akurate and Klimax electronics, Chord and to Arcam’s new G series A49. They can play loud too, if this is relevant. The new bass drivers bring something to the party too. These speakers dig out textures and, when driven hard, feel like they could actually cause structural damage.

It would be easy to overlook these in a domestic setting as just a nice looking pair of speakers. Their understated looks and relatively modest size sells them short in this respect.

It is also their trump card, of course. We have them on permanent demonstration.

Available Finishes: Tiger Ebony, Rich Walnut, White Silk, Graphite
Crossover Frequency:400Hz, 4kHz
Dimensions:H 1110mm (43.7”) + 25mm spikes x W 168mm (6.1”) + 100mm (3.2”) ingot feet x D 420mm (16.5”) + 23mm (0.9”) Ag terminals
Drive Units:
LF 2 x fact 140mm (5.5”)
MF 1 x fact 50mm (2.0”)
HF 1 x fact 19mm (0.75”)
Effective ATL™ Length:3.3m (11ft)
Frequency Response:26Hz – 30kHz
Impedance:8 Ohms
Sensitivity:84dB 1w 1m
Weight:26.0kg 57lbs ea.
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