PMC fact 8

PMC fact 8

The PMC fact 8 is what dragged us back to the brand. As you can see, they are slim & attractive. Meet them in the flesh and you’ll spot that they are also superbly finished. Surprisingly, for something that looks so resolutely ‘lifestyle’, they actually do the sonic business too. 

The PMC fact 8s are agile and dynamic yet extended in the bass. Very open, very refined with impressive imaging ability. The Fact 8s work well with most Naim electronics. With the mid-range (NAP200 – 300 power amps and 202 or 282 pre-amps) they have been stunning. Absolutely lovely with the Rega Isis / Osiris too. The new Arcam A49 is heaven sent for them.

They might be moderately tall and deep but the slim profile makes them very visually discrete. When well matched, they really are so compromise-free and musically involving that the cute looks seem a happy accident. 

We have them on permanent demonstration. Other than when people try them at home, of course.

In addition to the fact 8 and fact 12, we have the new and rather special twenty5 series on demonstration too.

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