Q Acoustics Concept 300

Q Acoustics Concept 300

A striking new arrival from Q Acoustics is the Concept 300, sibling to the highly acclaimed Concept 500 floor-stander.

The radical stand design takes the Q Acoustics principles of minimal interference with the musical signal to a new level. The speakers are effectively floating in free space. You’ve never seen isolation like it!!

Despite the spindly appearance, the stands are very stable indeed, far more so than many conventional designs.

Uncompromised Performance, Understated Elegance

The brief for Concept 300 is simple, yet staggeringly ambitious: to build on the runaway success of the floorstanding Concept 500 and deliver a standmounting alternative that’s at once of uncompromised performance and stylish, understated elegance.


Two Become One

This combination of rigorous engineering, uncompromised industrial design and aspirational aesthetics makes Concept 300 the most fully realised loudspeaker Q Acoustics has yet delivered. In combination with the equally meticulous Tensegrity stand, Concept 300 not only advances loudspeaker performance at its price, it also represents a redefinition of the relationship between aspeaker and its stand.

£2999 including stands


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