Quadraspire Q4 SVT

Quadraspire Q4 SVT

Pitched as the superior stage that allows your music to breath, the SVT is a Q4 with slatted bamboo shelves. Sounds trivial, works really well.

Building on the success of the Q4, the SVT (Sunoko-Vent T) performance HiFi rack was developed for larger HiFi systems and better sound performance. Curved columns help to further reduce resonance and vented shelves reduce mass and allow air to flow freely around your system.

Speak to us and / or have a look on the product builder. Once we know what you need we can quote you.

SVT & SV2T shelves are available in Solid Bamboo or Natural Wood finish. The natural wood veneered shelves are available in the following finishes:- Cherry, Oak, Maple, Wenger and Black. The Solid Bamboo shelves are as shown. For more information about sustainability of our bamboo, please click here. Real wood veneers and bamboo are beautiful natural products and therefore subject to varying grain and colour.


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